Elevate your Content

by Christine Hollinden, CPSM

We all know that content is king, and many firms have turned to blogging as a way to generate relevant content that also reflects their brand personality. There are a few key items to remember to get the most from your blog content.

  1. Length counts. Google prefers content that is between 1,000 – 2,500 words long. That’s a bit counterintuitive for blog content which typically falls within the 250-500 word range. If you can’t consistently produce lengthy content, then either mix it up (some posts are short, others are longer) or combine two posts into one.

  2. Summarize. Use subheads in long content to make it easier for the reader to follow and scan the content. Give readers a summary of the post since many users don’t (or won’t) read lengthy content.

  3. How-To’s. Can’t think of topics? Give readers guides, tips, steps, or other “how-to” content.

  4. Keywords. Create a list of relevant keywords or search terms in both the title and body copy to increase the likelihood of the content being indexed and highly ranked, increasing your SEO. Just don’t get carried away.

  5. Authorship. Add your name as the author and link it back to your Google+ page. That builds relevance, rankings, and recognition.

  6. Promote. Add a link to your blog in your e-signature. Share the link on your social media sites. Send out an eblast to clients, prospects, and referral sources. Make it easy for others to share the content on their social media sites by embedding sharing buttons. Find new and innovative ways to get your content in front of as many eyes as possible.

After all, a blog unread is like a tree that falls in a forest . . . it doesn’t make a sound.