3 Reasons Your Firm Needs a Responsive Website

Mobile Friendly Websites

1. 1.2 Billion People Worldwide Access the Internet via a Mobile Device or Tablet. 
If your firm has a website that only runs well on desktops, you are potentially losing not only prospective client traffic, but prospective employee traffic, too. In fact, a majority of Internet users state that a bad mobile experience makes them less likely to engage with that firm.

2. Improved Search Engine Rankings. 
Google’s algorithm change in 2015 started the process of giving more credence to mobile-friendly sites and penalizing those sites that were not. We all know that if a prospect can’t find your firm, they won’t call your firm.

3. Enhances Recruiting. 
The attraction and retention of talent is a major issue in professional service firms. Prospective employees want to work for firms that are progressive and innovative. If that prospective team member starts the journey on social media, a mobile-friendly site makes the jump to the website even easier.

For more information on the value of a responsive website, view this infographic.