5 Thoughtful Ways To Thank Your Clients and Employees

Believe it or not, the holidays are almost upon us. That means it’s time to show appreciation to those who have helped us shine throughout the year: The fiercely loyal client who’s eager to share your business card with colleagues. The staff member who puts in countless extra hours without a single grumble. The longtime business partner who always comes through in the clutch. Make their season a little brighter with a thoughtful gesture of thanks.

Need ideas? We hope these five thoughtful thank-yous will get your wheels turning:

1. Recognize them on social media.
This is an easy yet high-impact way to thank clients or employees. It’s also a gift that keeps on giving—your positive, publicly shared words could bring future opportunities their way. If your firm has a blog, consider featuring their story or one of their projects as a profile piece. You could even turn it into a series. Or, you could simply do a social media shout-out, tagging the client or employee and thanking them for their great effort/talent/contribution.

2. Try an old-fashioned approach. 
When was the last time you received a handwritten card in the mail or a phone call from someone who just wanted to say thanks? Leave the emails and texts for the other 10 months out of the year; show your gratitude in a way your client or employee won’t easily forget. Make an even stronger impression with a custom or handmade card.

3. Make the message meaningful.
Whether you send your message publicly over social media or privately through the mail, make it count. A “thanks so much!” is nice, but “it meant the world to me that you took the lead to make sure we met the deadline on XYZ project” goes much further. Specifically mention the reason(s) you’re grateful for the recipient—wherever appropriate, of course.

4. Host an appreciation event. 
Give your valued clients or staff the chance to feel like a VIP at an event that’s just for them. Whether it’s a simple lunch outing or a full-scale celebration, you’ll make it clear that they matter. Just be sure your invitation explicitly states the event is in their honor.

5. Give a gift that speaks to their heart. 
Gifts can be tough. Give one that’s too generic, and you risk coming off as inauthentic. Give one that’s over the top, and you risk coming off as, well, inauthentic. Before you gift, think about the recipient. Is there a way to tie the gift to his or her personal life? Is there a way to honor a project you worked on or a place you visited together? Or can you give a unique gift—perhaps a specialty bag of coffee that can only be found in your city or state—that the recipient likely won’t get from anyone else? Exploring these questions can help you come up with a gift that genuinely conveys your thanks. That’s what it’s all about.