5 Ways to Break Down Barriers Between Sales and Marketing

Marketing is all about generating leads, whereas sales is about converting them. These two teams should be closely integrated, but in many firms, they’re worlds apart.

Without a coordinated marketing and sales approach, also known as “smarketing,” companies can lose leads and, ultimately, revenue. Here are five ways you can help your marketing and sales teams connect.

1. Facilitate Communication Between Sales and Marketing. 
Barriers often exist between sales and marketing because of poor communication. You can make a difference through several initiatives, from prompting your sales team to give marketing experts regular feedback on lead quality to putting a weekly smarketing meeting on the calendar. The idea is to help sales and marketing feel like they’re on the same team.

2. Sync Your Sales and Marketing Platforms.
Sales and marketing can operate in tandem only when their software platforms—such as an inbound marketing system and a CRM—speak the same language. If data is easily shared between the two teams, it can provide each with a valuable resource for honing their approach. At a minimum, integrated software gives both sales and marketing the ability to see a prospect’s entire journey through the buying cycle. Equipped with this insight, marketing is able to understand which types of leads convert into sales, and sales is able to determine which leads are warm.

3. Build a Formal Content Creation Process.
A content creation process gives marketing and sales a way to work together to create compelling content. Without a defined process, marketing writers can find themselves struggling to provide the right content that engages the audience. Sales reps, after all, are the ones who know firsthand what matters to prospects and clients. Marketing must be able to speak to these issues.

4. Host Smarketing Events.
Speaking of brainstorming, encouraging your sales and marketing teams to build relationships outside of the office can strengthen their rapport. Need ideas? Consider hosting a happy hour at a local watering hole, sponsoring both sales and marketing attendance at a conference, or organizing a team-building retreat.

5. Celebrate Smarketing Wins.
Keep sales and marketing teams inspired—and together—by recognizing how each contribute to your firm’s wins. Whether it’s converting a longtime prospect or securing a spot in a prestigious publication, be sure to celebrate as one big happy family.

With an improved connection between your sales and marketing team, you can expect more big wins in your future.