8 Ways To Be More Successful with eMarketing

eMarketing Tips

Did you know the average return on email marketing investment is $44.25 for every dollar spent? Those are the kind of numbers we should all get behind. You can easily manage, measure, customize, and optimize your emarketing efforts with the right tools. Utilizing a full-spectrum of data and insights, you can customize and develop highly-targeted messages to nurture and strengthen relationships with your target audience. Here are 8 things you can do today to improve the results of your firm's emarketing.

1. Include Social Links in your emails to cross promote and gain greater readership.

2. Speak to the Audience but keep your messages short. Get to the point. Hint: the inverted pyramid method is still relevant.

3. Know Your Stats. Keep track of open rates, click throughs, and opt-outs. Use this information to determine what to send and when.

4. Consider Subject Lines. Tell the audience what to expect but use the subject line as enticement to open the email.

5. A/B Test. A/B testing is only beneficial IF you use it. Test content and subject lines to get the greatest engagement.

6. Keep a Clean List. Lists seem to be the bane of every marketer's existence. Create a process to keep your list up-to-date and well organized so you aren’t wasting time and effort communicating with people who aren’t interested in your services or aren’t in your target audience. Develop and communicate a process and make it someone's responsibility.

7. Think Mobile. Since most people view email on a mobile device, ensure the email designs are mobile friendly.

8. Avoid Being Classified As Spam. Use a reputable email marketing service (MyEmma, Constant Contact, HubSpot, etc) and clearly identify yourself.

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