By Christine Hollinden

Much has been written about creating a brand, yet confusion still exists. What is a brand? The answer is simple. A brand is everything a firm is and does. A firm's brand is its:

- views and corporate culture,
- reputation and position in the market,
- overall quality of products or services,
- interaction with its clients, prospects, and vendors, and
- its leadership.

A brand includes all attitudes, actions, comments, statements, and images – It’s also the experience a firm creates for its clients. Every touch point, interaction, and message is being interpreted by clients, prospects, employees and the public. That interpretation is your brand.

Texas A&M University – now that’s a brand whether you bleed maroon or not. Its traditions, students, faculty, administration, sports, vocabulary, and all things Aggie create a strong brand in the minds of those who come in contact with TAMU. There’s nothing like that Aggie spirit, the Aggie network or a “Howdy” that lets one know exactly what is being represented.

Is your firm producing consistent experiences and sending focused messages to ensure that the intended interpretation is supporting the brand you wish to create? Think about it.