Breaking with Tradition

By: Christine Hollinden

You probably know that I’m a proud graduate of Texas A&M University – an Aggie. It’s no secret that Aggie’s love tradition. Maybe that’s why I love this time of the year, it’s a season filled with tradition – activities, decorating, food, family, friends, sights, smells, and music. These last two months of the year are also filled with tradition from a business perspective. This is the time of year when we begin closing out 2013, assessing our performance, and planning for 2014. How much of those activities are deliberate versus habit? Doing things a certain way only because they’ve always been done that way?

It’s time to start new traditions and take deliberate action to make 2014 all that it can be. Here are a few ideas to kick start your thinking:

  • What were the metrics for 2013? Are these the most valuable metrics going forward? Are you measuring what you should be measuring?
  • Did your metrics have the intended results or did they encourage your team to focus on the wrong actions?
  • Where did you soar? Where did you fail?
  • What do you want to achieve in 2014? What are the possibilities?
  • What has changed in the competitive landscape? How will that impact your ability to set and achieve your goals?
  • What are you doing to keep your team motivated and to attract top talent?
  • What are you doing to improve the way you serve your clients?
  • How are you leveraging technology?
  • What will your clients expect in 2014 that is different from prior years?
  • What are you doing to anticipate your clients’ needs?
  • How are you preparing your team for what lies ahead?

Traditions are part of our lives, but tradition without evolution can stagnate our thinking. Are you developing your firm’s strategy for 2014 purely out of tradition or are you setting a deliberate course of action based on what you want to achieve, as well as what’s changed? Perhaps it’s time to re-think tradition and evolve.

Start the evolution with strategic thinking. If you’re ready to take that next step, Hollinden is ready to sprint with you. Make 2014 the best yet!