Creating Laser-Like Focus

Creating Laser-Like Focus

By: Christine Hollinden

I’ve often spoken about the importance of having laser-like focus – on your goals, target audience, positioning, service lines, and people. It sounds easy, but staying focused is one of the most difficult concepts to master, particularly when challenging economies and increased competition abound. What truly drives a lack of focus? Lack of focus is a result of one thing –self-doubt (aka, second guessing).

Laser-like focus stems from solid market positioning. Positioning means knowing exactly who and where your firm stands in the marketplace, creating services and service delivery that are distinct, and having a crystal clear direction (vision). It is easier to maintain focus when the positioning is integrated into all aspects of your firm and specific steps are being taken to achieve that vision. Oftentimes, it is a lack of integration that makes firms stumble or fall. How can your firm achieve focus? Know the “who.”

It is easy for professionals to rattle off a laundry list of the “what,” but those who achieve their goals with laser focus consistently know the “who.” This is achieved when every team member translates the culture and personality of your firm into how they serve clients, how they serve each other, and how they represent the firm in everything they do and say – we call this “living the brand.” When your team creates a living brand that permeates every second of every day – employees, clients, communications and service delivery – laser focus is inevitable.
How can you create laser-focus in your firm?

First, leadership must define the vision. Where do you want the firm to go? What do you want to achieve? How do you want to be seen in the marketplace?

Second, translate the vision. Don’t stop at financial goals; translate the vision into all aspects of the firm – the culture, environment, services, communications, and people. Be specific about what is acceptable behavior and what is not.

Third, the vision must be communicated. Leadership must clearly and continuously communicate the vision to every team member, demonstrating how the living brand is to be translated both internally and externally.

Firms whose teams have laser focus are unstoppable. Help your team understand the “who” (the vision, brand, positioning) and you’ll create a culture of success.