Don’t Let Your Marketing Go Up in Flames: Stop, Drop, and Reset



Don’t Let Your Marketing Go Up in Flames:
Stop, Drop, and Reset

The marketing landscape is always changing. The moment you adopt one channel, another one gains market share. Keeping up with the next big thing can quickly become an endless cycle. Very quickly, you can have too many marketing irons in the fire producing little to no results. Don’t let your marketing efforts go up in flames. This New Year, stop, drop, and reset your marketing for greater results in 2016.

Take a moment to stop and think strategically about your marketing efforts. Reflect on the past few years. What mistakes were made? Allow yourself time to think objectively about each tactic being used. Take a hard look at the metrics. What worked and what didn't?  Understand the “why’s” behind the results. Then, be willing to let go. Brainstorm new ideas and examine what’s important to achieve your goals. Identify changes in the environment, technology, client behaviors and demands. Look at the trends and understand if and how they impact your industry, firm, clients and prospects. For example, SnapChat, Instagram, Periscope, and Pinterest are four social media channels growing at a fast rate. That trend is indicative of an increasing demand for real-time information that is short and visual. How does this affect your marketing efforts?

The business environment is ever-changing. If you do not allow yourself time to process these changes, you’ll be left with marketing tactics that are burning out of control. Review your marketing strategy and understand what’s changing, identify ineffective channels, reallocate resources, and find areas of improvement.

Next, take a second look at the poor performing marketing channels and tactics. Why are they not performing as expected? Is there something you can change to improve the results? No matter the channel or tactic, if it’s not contributing to your business goals and there’s nothing you can do to improve the results, then drop it from your marketing strategy. Don’t waste your time and resources on efforts that do not produce results. Focus on what will drive success. Remember, if you don’t understand why something isn’t working, ask for insight from your clients, prospects and referral sources. Running faster never extinguishes a fire. It’s better to do a few things right, than a lot of things wrong.

Once you’ve identified what you need to drop, make changes where necessary to processes, tools, technology, and resources. Reset your marketing strategy to ensure you reach your goals. A marketing reset allows you to not only examine your current strategy, but it gets you thinking about the future. What is happening now that might affect the future? How do new trends or industry changes impact your strategy?

Without reviewing your marketing strategy and making adjustments where necessary, your efforts can quickly go up in flames. The New Year is a great opportunity to stop, drop, and reset your marketing strategy to ensure greater success in 2016.

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