Event Marketing: Love It or Leave It?

Event Branding
At Hollinden we are big proponents of event marketing—if it is the RIGHT event! We’ve met some of our biggest and best clients at events. They can be great opportunities to make connections, increase brand awareness, generate leads, and attract top talent. However, events can be costly—not just in terms of dollar and cents, but in time. Preparation, travel, participation all take time away from other firm activities. On top of that, it can be difficult to determine whether or not the ROI of the event was positive. The reason event marketing continues to be so popular is simple. Unlike almost every other marketing tactic, events provide an almost 100% assurance that you have your prospect’s attention, in person, one on one.

But how do you decide which events are right for your firm? We suggest using an Event Evaluation Model. It takes into consideration three critical areas so you can determine if the potential event is right for you.

1. Market Leadership Opportunities (Y-axis):
The event's ability to provide ample opportunities for you and your firm to demonstrate market leadership and expertise—the opportunity for you to "pull" clients by showcasing your market leadership.

2. Networking Opportunities (X-axis): 
The event's ability to provide ample opportunities to connect with the right stakeholders—the opportunity for you to "push" the message spot on and generate leads.

3. Branding (Size of the Bubble):
The event's effectiveness in providing enough visibility to generate top-of-the-mind recall for your firm’s brand.

Event Evaluation Model