Executive Assistant
Detailed Job Description

The Executive Assistant’s role is to be flexible, highly adaptable, extremely well-organized, disciplined, and creative in addressing any situation that may arise. Most importantly, the Executive Assistant must possess a strong sense of service in helping others, while finding personal reward in working in a high energy client-centric environment. Specifically, the job responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

New Business Development Support

  • Track and confirm all meetings (prospective client and networking) for Principal.
  • Assist Principal in gathering data for prospect lists.
  • Enter or update prospect lists in database, assigning appropriate category.
  • Prepare merge document and print new business letters per instructions of Principal and prepare for her signature.
  • Print envelopes for new business letters.
  • Insert signed letters with business card into appropriate envelope and mail.
  • Prepare monthly birthday cards for signatures and mailing.
  • Update database and calendar with birthdates of new clients and vendors.
Principal Support
  • Register Principal for networking functions.
  • Track and confirm all meetings for Principal.
  • Assist Principal in all areas of agency management, as needed, to keep office running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Sort mail, prepping vendor invoices, discarding junk mail and organizing important information for Principal’s review.
  • Organize inbox and desk as appropriate.
  • Assist Principal with personal commitments as needed (scheduling auto repair, appointments, etc.)
  • Prepare conference room for meetings making sure conference table is clean and room is appropriately stocked with supplies, drinks, flipchart, tape, etc.
  • Ensure that all guests have appropriate directions to office.
  • Welcome all guests, offer a beverage, and escort to the conference room or meeting room.
  • Order breakfast or lunch for appropriate meetings.
  • Serve food at meetings.
  • Arrange for ground transportation for guests.
  • Schedule reservations for dinner, golf, etc.


  • Assist Principal and Marketing Assistant with bookkeeping duties as requested. For example:
    • Copy client approval forms and attach to vendor invoices.
    • Run end of month client reports in preparation for end of month client billing.
    • Assist Principal with billing.
    • Prepare all client payments for deposit.
    • Make deposits.
    • File all paid invoices and deposit slips.
    • Copy all client payment checks and attach to back of appropriate invoice.


  • Set up new clients, projects and budgets in time tracking system under supervision of the Account Executive.
  • Prepare new project folder noting project number and project name.
  • Run weekly reports on all clients or projects.
  • Note hours by project or client on status report.
  • Update project status report weekly.
  • Assist Strategic Marketing Manager and Marketing Assistant in keeping all projects / clients on budget.
  • Organize project folders once completed – eliminating proofs and modifications, keeping only the finished copy, print or production estimate, and final version.
  • Close and archive clients and projects in time tracking system.
Project Samples
  • Ensure that all vendors submit a minimum of 5 samples per project.
  • Place all samples alphabetized in appropriate location.
  • Ensure that all samples are organized and easily accessible.


  • Open & close office – locks, lights, mail, A/C.
  • Prepare coffee and kitchen for guests each morning.
  • Maintain and order office supplies.
  • Keep all printers and fax machines stocked with paper.
  • Answer telephone, taking messages or sending to voice mail as appropriate, ensuring appropriate person receives message.
  • Coordinate with IT support as needed to handle installations, upgrades and repairs.
  • Keep office stocked with all stationery items (letterhead, 2nd sheet, #10 envelopes, A-6 envelopes, and note cards). Purchase and keep kitchen stocked with all supplies and groceries as needed on a weekly basis.
  • Filing and organization of files.

Skills & General Presentation

  • Be reliable, honest, energetic, and hard working.
  • Maintain your computer skills, particularly advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).
  • Utilize excellent writing and grammar skills to ensure that all correspondence from Hollinden demonstrates a high level of professionalism and expertise.
  • Greet callers with an enthusiastic, pleasant voice. {The voice of Hollinden.}
  • Pay extremely close attention to detail in all elements of the specific position responsibilities and the office, in general.
  • Present yourself and our firm in a professional manner at all times.