Five Simple Strategies to Attract and Retain Top Talent

Ideal Talent

An aging workforce and a lack of professionals to fill those roles has led to a major talent gap within professional services firms. Attracting and retaining talent is no longer just an HR issue – it’s a marketing issue. Firms must constantly be looking for new ways to attract the right talent. It’s a resource in which firms must invest. Additionally, as teams expand and change, cultures shift, communication falters, clashes increase, and productivity falls. Below are five simple strategies you can employ to attract and retain top talent.

1. Identify the Ideal Talent. 
Create a persona of the ideal employee. Determine what knowledge, skills, and abilities they should have. Think about how you want this candidate to align with your firm’s values.

2. Write Compelling Job Postings.
Give candidates a reason to work for your firm. Write job postings in a way that your message and brand will inform and intrigue them to find out more.

3. Be Smart with Technology.
Use your candidate personas to determine where you can find your ideal talent. Social media is changing the job search process. Get your message in front of them.

4. Look Within. 
The ideal candidate might be under your nose. Look at promoting within your firm. Create an employee referral program and reward your employees for helping find people like them.

5. Set Clear Expectations. 
It’s easy to lose talent when you are not upfront and clear from the beginning. Create a well-defined onboarding process that identifies expectations, rules, culture, and business processes.