Five Tips for Integrating Marketing Tactics

Integrate Marketing Tactics

Did you know 32% of professional service firms do not have consistent marketing efforts and 20% blame lack of planning as the reason? The benefits to employing a strategic marketing plan in order to integrate marketing tactics far outweigh the time it takes to craft such a plan. Here are five ways to ensure your marketing is consistent in 2018.

1. Know Your Brand. 
Integrate your brand into all that you do and keep it consistent across all marketing channels. Every piece of your branding should be in tune.

2. Deliver Consistent Messaging.
Establish core messages that clearly communicate your brand. Key messages should resonate with your target audience and address their needs. Communicate these messages throughout your firm, to prospects, and clients.

3. Select the Proper Channels. 
Identify where your clients and influencers are located and utilize those channels. Focus on choosing a few highly targeted channels and do them well.

4. Leverage Content. 
Conduct a content audit. Identify content that can be repurposed and transformed. For example, turn articles and whitepapers into blogs, social media posts, videos, or infographics. Then leverage that content across multiple channels.

5. Study the Numbers. 
Utilize tools such as Google Analytics to measure performance. Identify key performance metrics and review them often. Take strategic actions based on the results.