Five Tips for Making a Good First (or Second!) Impression

  1. Prepare and Practice.
        Come up with topics, questions, and relevant anecdotes from
        your own life that you can share in conversation. There's no need
        to memorize everything–you don't want your first impression to
        be stiff and robotic, after all.  

  2. Look the Part.
        Wear something you feel good in and is appropriate for the
        situation; wear an outfit that is clean and fits you well. But,
        most importantly, be comfortable. You just have to look good,
        whatever your definition of "looking good" may be.

  3. Smile.
        Body language is important and smiling is the most
        universally-recognized indication that you're friendly and
        approachable. It helps to make a good impression when those
        you meet believe that you're generally friendly and an easy-
        to-get-along-with human being.  

  4. Follow-up and Follow-through.
        The best way to make a great first–and lasting–impression
        is by folowing up and following through. You will be much
        more likely to ensure that they remember you, and remember
        you fondly.