Focus on the "Who"

By Christine Hollinden

I’ve often spoken about the importance of having laser-like focus – on your goals, target market, positioning, and service lines. It sounds easy, but staying focused is one of the most difficult concepts to master, particularly in tough economic times. Is economic uncertainty what really drives a lack of focus? I think most lack of focus in business is driven by self-doubt (aka, second guessing).

Focus is dependent upon positioning. Positioning means knowing exactly who and where your firm stands in the marketplace, that your services and service delivery are distinct, and knowing where the firm is headed (the vision). It is easier to maintain focus when the positioning is integrated into all aspects of your firm and specific steps are being taken to achieve that vision.

How can you achieve focus? Know the “who.”

All firms know “what they do,” but those who achieve their goals with laser-like focus know the “who.” Focus is achieved by knowing the personality of your firm and how that personality translates into your brand. Then, understand how that brand permeates every second of every day – employees, clients, communications and service delivery. Know the “who” and focus will follow.