Four Tips to Improve Website Performance

  1. Be Mobile-Friendly.
        Google penalizes websites that are not mobile-friendly. Your
        firm's website must be responsive across all devices. Not sure?
        Click here to check. 

  2. Refresh your Design.
        Website best practices have changed in the past 5 years. Is your
        website outdated? Look at your design, navigation, and the
        overall look and feel. Does it portray the right message? Is
        it consistent with your firm's branding?

  3. Optimize your Site.
        Review your content, meta descriptions, title tags, keywords,
        and alt tags to ensure your site can be found in Google searches.
        Keep your website updated with fresh, original content allowing
        search engine spiders to index web pages frequently and support
        that content with strategic, "behind the scenes" optimization
        (meta descriptions, title tags, etc.).

  4. Analyze Performance.
        Study the analytics. Set conversion goals and track your progress.
        Review results weekly, monthly, and quarterly to identify trends.
        Take the necessary actions to improve performance.