Four Tips to Monitor a Competitor's Marketing Strategy

These four tips can give you insight into your competitor's strategies and challenges.

  1. Connect on Social Media
    Find out which social media channels your competitor uses (hint: check for social media icons on their website). Then, “follow” and “like” their channels. Don’t limit your efforts to the company pages; seek out and follow their partners and leaders, too.
  2. Subscribe to Their Mailings
    Want to see what kind of content a competing firm is sending to its clients and prospects? Sign up for any e-mail newsletters or other campaigns they may offer.

  3. Leverage Google Alerts
    You likely already have a Google Alert for your company name. (If you don’t, you should!) So, why not set up one for your competitor’s name, too? Determine which results you want to see and indicate how often you wish to receive notifications. It’s a quick and easy way to be alerted to their online activity.

  4. Stop By Their Trade Show Booths
    Trade shows are a great place for connecting with potential clients, but they are also a prime opportunity for checking out the competition. Before the show, look for any announcements or programs to gauge your competitor’s level of participation. At the show, visit your competitor’s booth, and pick up—or take note of—any marketing collateral they offer.