By Christine Hollinden

Steve Jobs. Blake Mycoskie. Arianna Huffington. When you hear these names, what do you think of? Innovator. Influencer. Thinker. These individuals have revolutionized the way we view the world. From the way we communicate to our view on philanthropy to how we consume news, these individuals took the ordinary and made it the extraordinary by simply taking a different view of things. They asked not only “what if” but “why not.” While we may not be working on the next advancement in communication, we could all benefit from a new perspective, an innovative one.

Have you actually ever sat down and thought about your passions, your commitments, what you REALLY want to achieve? In Napoleon Hills’ book, Law of Success, he introduces the concept of Definite Purpose. The premise is simple: once you grasp what you truly want to achieve and make it your purpose, you will achieve greater success. Write down your goals, don’t hold back. When you identify what is truly important to you, you’ve taken the first step in creating a definite purpose. In order to achieve these goals you must surround yourself with those who are enthusiastic, trustworthy, and will hold you accountable for achieving them. Surround yourself with the knowledge and the resources you need to achieve success.

Give yourself thinking time. When you are lacking for ideas, allow new ones to come to you. Ideas flow when your mind is relaxed. Remember, the same actions reap the same results, so step out from the crowd with confidence and try something new. You’ll be amazed with the results when you depart from your routine.

Next, gain clarity by visualizing your goals as already true. The process of visualization is not new, but it’s one that is often overlooked. When you visualize the process, you gain clarity on how to get to that point of achievement. Ideas, contacts, introductions… will all become clear when you see it happening. The more detailed you make your visualization, the better. Remember, the process of visualization creates physical changes.

To keep the momentum, you must track your progress because setbacks, challenges, and hurdles are inevitable. Tracking success gives you the opportunity to see the movement you’ve made toward achieving your goals.

Be your own change agent. Make things happen by bringing your ideas to action. Innovators push boundaries to escape the ordinary. We do not have iPhones, Toms, or The Huffington Post because these three individuals sat around satisfied with the status quo. They thought differently about things, and you can too.