“Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” – Jamie Paolinetti

Inspiration, Innovation, and Impact: A process any firm can begin, and in turn, reap significant benefits. Inspiration is a term commonly linked to divine thoughts or actions. Although many believe inspiration can be difficult to find, we all have a muse waiting to be discovered. What inspires you? What does inspiration look like? How can an inspired employee impact the workplace? Better yet, how can an inspired leader transform the workplace from good to exceptional? An individual fostering an inspirational drive holds the ability to transform both the work environment and work output from ordinary to extraordinary.

Inspiration can be found in a number of places. It draws from ideas and creativity, stimulating new possibilities. Inspiration breaks down barriers of limitation, while welcoming the opportunity for new experiences. This is pivotal for the work place. Today, it is common for employees to get lost in a recurring, mundane daily routine. They lose excitement and passion for what they are doing. They simply go through the motions. However, there is solution. A leader’s job is to inspire. Inspirational leaders have the ability to revitalize employees and impact future success of the firm, reigniting the spark that has dulled. Recent research shows that leaders with the ability to inspire produce employees with the highest levels of engagement, commitment, and productivity. Along with these findings, additional studies conclude that employees actually want and desire leaders with the ability to inspire.

Inspired leaders set goals, establish a clear and shared vision, offer open communication in the workplace, embrace change, support creativity, and engage in a collaborative manner with all employees. These leaders encourage innovation, which in turn sets the wheels of impact into motion. Inspiration allows employees to become actively engaged and renew their passion and drive. The door to possibility reopens. Inspiration is organic; it cannot be forced. Accept that notion, and allow time to find your muse. Inspiration. Innovation. Impact. It is a process waiting to begin. Dig deep and get inspired.