Your firm is only as strong as its weakest employee, so it is essential that you attract and retain the right people for today’s job market. As industries, technology, and cultures evolve, so too should your recruiting strategies. Too often firms continue to implement tired, archaic processes to find an appropriate pool of applicants.

But it’s not just about finding the right talent for your firm. The next hurdle is making them want to be part of your team. How do you find and attract top talent? These five tips will help you discover and hire the best people for your firm.

  1. Take time to determine the position’s criteria.
    Before conducting your search for the ultimate candidate, the entire firm needs to have a solid understanding and definition of the position’s criteria. To help determine the right parameters, ask yourself, what does this position hope to achieve? How will success be measured? What does the ideal candidate look like?

    Remember, you’re not just filling a spot, you’re moving the firm forward to achieve its goals. Establishing set parameters for your open position is essential.

  2. Develop a strategic and exciting position description.
    You are focusing on attracting the best of the best. So make sure that your job description will appeal to them. Top candidates are seeking firms that stand out from the crowd, and it all starts with the messaging within your position description. Your position description should include:
    · A unique title.
    · A message that will resonate with the type of candidate you are seeking.
    · A short list of questions requiring an answer to provide insight into the candidate’s personality and expertise.

  3. Utilize your network first.
    Before posting a position to public forums, utilize those individuals you know and trust within your own network or firm. Not only do you trust them, but they also trust you. Their recommendations are an extension of themselves; therefore, a candidate recommended by someone in your network will most likely be a more than qualified prospect.

    Asking questions and getting to know an applicant through those in your network will also eliminate some initial hesitancy you may have about someone who is a perfect stranger. Utilizing those within your network will save you from wasting time posting a position to job boards and other platforms.

  4. Limit the interview process.
    Having a candidate interviewed by a spectrum of interviewers will waste their time, as well as firm production. Before the interview process begins, identify the individuals within your firm that are objective and excel at asking the right questions. Then, to remove any bias, have them interview for positions outside of their direct control.

  5. Hire the right candidate quickly.
    If your ideal candidate happens to be the second interviewee, don’t feel the need to wait until you have interviewed the entire applicant pool to finally reach out and hire them. While your quintessential candidate is waiting to hear from you, they could be hired by another firm that moved faster. Don’t hesitate to hire a star when you see one, no matter how far you are into the interview process.