The Dos of Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Dos

Now that you know what marketing automation is, here are a few tips about implementing a new platform into your process.

Do Revisit Goals. 
Because marketing automation can make work easier, the first step some people take when integrating marketing automation is to just automate everything they already do. While this very well might be the right way to go, take a moment to revisit your goals before you get started. The point here is that we don’t want to let marketing automation lead us to execute strategies that we know don’t make sense for our clients or prospects.

Do Integrate Marketing Automation With Your Inbound Marketing Strategy.
Inbound is about providing valuable content that aligns with your clients needs and interests. This should not change if you start using marketing automation. In fact, it should enhance the communication, as you can provide the content they need at the exact time that they need it. 

Do Send Targeted Messages. 

With marketing automation, there is no need to send a general, broad message to your entire contact list that will end up getting deleted or marked as spam because it’s not relevant. Marketing automation allows for highly targeted, highly personalized messages.

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