The Ever-Changing World of Social Media: Showcasing LinkedIn

The Ever-Changing World of Social Media: “Showcasing” LinkedIn

The Ever-Changing World of Social Media:
“Showcasing” LinkedIn

By Ashley Griffin

With more than 200 million business users and 3 million company pages, LinkedIn is still THE business social media platform. LinkedIn has continued to add and update its business-friendly features to provide a solid platform for building brands, sharing content-rich information, building connections, and finding top talent. In recent months, LinkedIn has introduced significant modifications to current features and has also launched new platforms. We know how quickly things change and the difficulty in keeping up with the changes across social media platforms. 

Introduction of Showcase Pages. A significant change is the introduction of Showcase Pages. Starting April 14th, the Products/Services tab will be removed from all Company Pages. To take the place of the Products/Services tabs and pages, LinkedIn is introducing Showcase Pages. Showcase Pages are niche pages off a company page. They allow a company to promote specific products or services to specific target markets. The biggest difference between a Showcase Page and the Products/Services tab is that LinkedIn users can now follow single Showcase Page or Pages WITHOUT following the business company page. In other words, think of Showcase Pages like targeted landing pages within your web site (you are utilizing landing pages, aren’t you?). 

Microsoft, Cisco, Intel, and Adobe were among the first to implement Showcase Pages into their marketing strategy. Microsoft has been particularly successful, with Showcase Pages that have more than 9,000 followers. Click here for a Tip Sheet highlighting additional information about Showcase Pages and a step-by-step guide for creating your own Showcase Pages. We recommend that firms with Products/Services pages capture screen shots and copy/paste the content of those pages so they don’t lose the data. Just remember, you must act by April 14th! 

Simply put, LinkedIn understands the power of strong content and the concept of target marketing. The future is content marketing. So, in conjunction with the introduction of Showcase Pages, LinkedIn is encouraging businesses to post regular updates. Their new platform is more user-friendly than ever to help you engage your network with relevant, appealing content. 

Enhanced Content Tools. In a recent survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, researchers found that 93% of B2B marketers use content marketing, but only 42% considered themselves effective at it. LinkedIn has accepted the challenge to help marketers achieve effective marketing efforts through the introduction of the dynamic duo: Content Marketing Score and Trending Content. 

The Content Marketing Score, a built-in analytics tool, provides insights on the impact of paid and organic content on LinkedIn. A score is calculated by measuring unique engagement (think Sponsored Updates, Company Pages, LinkedIn Groups, employee updates, and Influencer posts) divided by the total target audience. It then gives you a single score, ranked against your competitive set, along with recommendations on how to improve. Tracking this score monthly offers valuable insight on how well a company is engaging its audience. 

Along with Content Marketing Score, LinkedIn has also introduced Trending Content. Trending Content ranks the topics that resonate most with specific audiences on LinkedIn enabling users to tailor content for maximum relevance. With Trending Content, users can see trending topics and the top articles associated with them ranked by engagement on LinkedIn. You’ll also see which audience segments are sharing the most content on any given topic. As you take the steps to improve your firm’s content, Showcases, Content Marketing Score and Content Trending become extremely powerful. 

Publishing Platform Expansion. The latest update to the LinkedIn platform is the opening of its publishing platform to members. This change expands LinkedIn's publishing platform and tests a new feature that lets members write longer form posts about their expertise and professional interests. This feature is still in the process of being rolled out, but members can apply for early access by simply submitting a short form to LinkedIn (click here to apply). This platform allows professionals to contribute longer posts that are shared with their trusted network and the LinkedIn community, providing a new way to share business insights with an even larger audience.