One Percent

By Christine Hollinden

Give yourself a pat on the back if you received this message from LinkedIn this week. Doesn’t it feel good that your profile is among the top 1% viewed on LinkedIn last year?

This little note may have provided a momentary ego boost, but before you fully bask in the glow, think about this simple math:

  • LinkedIn now has over 200 million members.
  • 1% of 200 million is … 2 million people!

Being one of 2 million doesn’t sound as exciting, does it? And it's probably even less exciting that this announcement was only sent to those whose profiles were deemed “complete.”

This social media channel has a lot of pros – it's great for building your network, as well as connecting and re-connecting with prospects, and targeting career candidates. But, how do you become the top 1%? LinkedIn studies have shown that members with more complete profiles attain stronger results than those whose profiles are incomplete.

But don't stop there, make it interesting!

Here are a few ideas to try to take your profile to the top:

    Humor. “World’s Greatest Dad,” “All Star Sunday Quarterback,” or "Champion Eater of Pancakes" - anything that can give your profile some personality! Sometimes, the most random of things (Serial Mel Brooks Movie Quoter) can be just the thing to gain you that ever-elusive intro. Besides, people want to hire and work with people they like. Sure, you've got to have the goods to back it up, but sometimes humor is just the thing that can set you apart.

    Facts (with a twist). “Perfect attendance through elementary school” or “Captain of my high school basketball team.” Did you happen to win or be nominated for a superlative in high school? Voted "Most Likely to Succeed" or "Most Likely to Live in their Parents' Basement?" Unless the latter actually game true for you, adding it to your profile can not only gain you some like-ability and laughs, it can show that you're defying the odds, surpassing people's expectations, and positioned for success!

    Rhetoric. A close contact has this in his profile: “I have spent 48 years in the business development profession. Can you imagine, 48 years? During this time I have made every mistake possible with probably 85% of that time spent in an atmosphere of negativity hearing responses such as: "Not interested" or "Call me next week.” Fortunately, I have learned many neat tricks to overcome many of the “bumps in the road.” I have also learned the importance of being liked.” (You’d keep reading, wouldn’t you?)

Say something about yourself that gives a little insight into you, your interests, and your personality. Top 1% of LinkedIn views in 2012? Clearly not worthy of bragging about, but why not boost the odds and add some spark to your profile? If you are using social media as a marketing tool, then use it to your benefit.

If you were one of the top 1%, tell us how you reacted to the notification. Did it inspire you to jump on LinkedIn? (We’ll admit, we did!)