By Christine Hollinden

When I think about the word vision, obviously, the first thing that comes to mind is sight - that gift many of us have from birth. Applied to business though, my thought shifts. It becomes something more of foresight, looking beyond what is easily observed or accomplished and moving into the realm of extraordinary. The most successful firms have leaders with an extraordinary vision. Leaders who envision the future, develop a plan, and place the wheels in motion to implement the plan – side-stepping, strategizing and negotiating their way through the obstacles with unmatched foresight.

It is often a very entrepreneurial quality, but humor me here – do more people have this “entrepreneurial foresight” than we think? Maybe they just haven’t slowed down long enough to think things through. We get caught up in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day business and forget to dream and envision what the future might hold for both our firms and ourselves.

In professional service firms, we often find that it is difficult to take steps from being ordinary to extraordinary (as Christine puts it in her popular presentation.) It’s time to give yourself time to think - to explore the possibilities and harness the creativity. Where would you like to take your firm? How can you challenge your team to take advantage of opportunities both now and in the future? How can you find your “entrepreneurial foresight?”