Your Team Could Pose the Biggest Threat to Your Firm

Your Team

When revenues increase, so does the need to add team members. As teams expand and change, cultures shift, communication falters, clashes increase, and productivity falls. How can you maintain the enthusiasm and collaboration?

Hollinden’s TeamSuccess® Seminar can help. Certified Kolbe Consultant, Christine Hollinden utilizes the Kolbe TeamSuccess® toolkit to help fast-growing firms align teams, improve productivity, and increase profitability. The process begins with the Kolbe A Assessments, which measure an individual’s conative traits – how a person instinctively takes action. The resulting Kolbe Indexes are compared on a team basis, as well as individual to individual to reveal potential for conflict and stress. In addition, the Kolbe TeamSuccess® toolkit includes in-depth insight for firm leadership to coach team members to greater heights.

What will your firm gain through the TeamSuccess®?

1. Improved Individual and Group Productivity 

2. Reduction in Absenteeism and Turnover 

3. Accomplish More in Less Time with Fewer People and Fewer
    Financial Resources 

4. Conquer Group Inertia and Organizational Paralysis 

5. Improve Communication and Group Dynamics 

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TeamSuccess® is a registered trademark of the Kolbe Corporation.