Hollinden Inbound Marketing for Professional Service Firms

Christine recently discussed Dr. David Flint's book "Think Beyond Value: Building Strategy to Win" with the author on his podcast.


Every once in awhile you have a conversation and you kinda know it's going to be a game changer. Several years ago I had one of those conversations with Christine Hollinden, founder of Hollinden Marketers and Strategists. In fact, it is because of that conversation with Christine that I have this podcast and my book "Think Beyond Value: Building Strategy to Win."

Even though I'd been applying V-REEL in the academic environment and with consulting clients for years, Christine opened my eyes to the potential for bringing V-REEL to the masses through a book and other products. In essence, Christine helped me realize that I could put enabling resources and capabilities in place to build something around the V-REEL Framework.

"It just struck me from the moment you started describing V-REEL that this is powerful. I've read everything that's out there. I've tried different ways of thinking about strategy and about growing my business and once you started talking about V-REEL, I knew that it was more powerful than anything I had seen," Hollinden said.

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