Hollinden Inbound Marketing for Professional Service Firms

Maximize Your Marketing Efforts to Fuel Scalable Growth

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Developing a holistic approach to marketing allows firms to align their efforts and achieve their goals. One such approach is to create a strategic marketing plan. This is a document that provides firms with an integrated strategy that outlines the necessary tools, steps, and tactics to achieve far more than the sum of individual efforts. Read on for 5 ways you can maximize your marketing efforts.

  1. Add social media buttons to your website and eblasts. Doing so makes it easy for recipients to share information they find insightful or useful, which in turn opens up your audience and potentially increases market reach.
  2. Automate social media posts. Use a tool like HubSpot, Hootsuite, or Buffer to preplan your social media posts to save time throughout the month. You should still post ad hoc as things come up, but pre-scheduling the majority of your posts for any given month is a great way to maximize time.
  3. Don’t forget analytics! Your website, social media channels, and emarketing tools contain a wealth of knowledge about how well your content is performing, what your audience looks like, when they visit, etc. Don’t neglect this information. Review it regularly and incorporate the data into your plan to make your efforts more effective.
  4. Create a marketing calendar. Plotting marketing activities throughout the year will help you coordinate efforts and allows you to see where you might be doing too much or not enough. Make sure you spread your events, blogs, updates, etc. out enough to keep new information coming on a regular basis without overwhelming your resources or your audience.
  5. Include calls-to-action. Let your audience know what you want them to do or what they can do as a result of the content you provide. Should they download a white paper? Call your office? Tell a friend? Whatever action you want them to take should be included on the landing page, social post, or email they’re reading.