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Your Staff Can Increase Your Social Engagement

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Whether it is a lack of time and resources, or the need to focus on other areas of your firm’s success, we can all use some help when it comes to creating engaging marketing content that will resonate with our audiences and drive social traffic. Ultimately, we want to provide insight that helps make their day better, but we also want them to trust us—to understand we have the skills and experience to help solve their problem. Unfortunately, marketing departments are stretched thin or budgets are lacking. How do you create the content and social engagement you need to grow your firm if you have finite resources? Recruit your staff! Here are three ways your marketing content will be improved by turning your staff into brand ambassadors.

  1. It Builds Trust and Confidence.
    People are slow to trust content from a firm or brand they don't know, but they will trust content recommendations from people in their social networks. In fact, social media users are 16 times more likely to read brand posts shared by their friends than from a brand itself. Encouraging your staff to promote and engage with your content allows you to tap into the trust they've already established with their social networks. This employee advocacy also humanizes your firm, giving it a familiar face and making people more receptive to you and your message.
  2. It Boosts your Message and Maintains Consistency.
    According to research by the MSL Group, your staff has 10 times the number of followers, on average, then your firm does. This means they can boost the reach of your posts by more than 500%. This reach is beneficial as behaviors seem to be changing and trending away from social media in recent years. There are actually tools you can implement at your firm that will craft the post for staff and just send it to them to share. This way you are ensuring appropriate, consistent communication.
  3. It Helps with Measurement.
    If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times, it is imperative you track the results of your marketing efforts. Being able to track social share and posts back to your staff will let you know which type of content is the most popular and help you craft content in the future.