Hollinden is the leading professional services
marketing firm. We help clients align
their positioning, processes, and people
to generate leads and attract top talent.

Positioning. Process. People.

2013 Professional Services Marketing Report

  • Gap

    Recruiting and developing talent are crucial to any firm’s success. Firms must rethink their hiring process, training programs, and reward techniques, positioning these strategies at the center of their strategic plans. 

  • Shifts

    Corporate culture affects everything from team performance to brand perception and, ultimately, revenue. Don't wait until your reputation, or revenues are on the line, take the steps to creating a lasting culture shift.

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Hollinden works with professional service firms seeking sustainable results. Together, we identify market opportunities, develop solid strategies, create scalable processes, and build stronger teams. We're passionate about helping our clients reach their vision, even when that path means making tough strategic decisions... > MORE

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