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Hollinden is the leading professional services marketing firm. We help clients align their positioning, processes, and people to generate leads and attract top talent.

Positioning. Process. People.

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  • Selecting the Right Marketing Automation System for Your Firm

    In last month’s edition of Marketing Straight Talk, we reviewed how technology has helped marketing evolve and what part marketing automation has to play in that evolution.Are You Ready for Marketing Automation?Marketing automation is an investment, and you must assess your firm’s capabilities and goals to determine if you are ready to take the next step. Consider the following:Have you outgrown your current emarketing system?Do your firm’s leads require nurturing?Are you curre...  Read More...

  • Post Featured Image

    Marketing Automation: Where Evolution and Revolution Collide

    We are all being asked to accomplish greater results with fewer resources. Marketing is no exception. There is one way to accomplish such a feat and that is to get hyper-focused.   Read More...

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Hollinden works with professional service firms seeking sustainable results. Together, we identify market opportunities, develop solid strategies, create scalable processes, and build stronger teams. We're passionate about helping our clients reach their vision, even when that path means making tough strategic decisions... > MORE

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