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2013 Professional Services Marketing Report

  • Possibility

    Imagination. Inspiration. Possibility. These words are all too often lost in our vocabulary because we are too focused on the here and now. We’re afraid to take chances, because we are too worried about the consequences. We don’t make time for imagination, because our lives are too busy. We’re too this, too that, and it’s limiting. It’s limiting our opportunities and our growth capabilities.

  • Loyalty

    There was once a time when the majority of professionals actually enjoyed going to work every day. They appreciated the relationships built with their co-workers, believed their work was meaningful, worked hard, and remained with their company for decades. Likewise, companies reciprocated by taking care of their people, listening to them, and providing long-term protection and care such as pensions and health care. These days, many companies do not hold up their end...

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Hollinden works with professional service firms seeking sustainable results. Together, we identify market opportunities, develop solid strategies, create scalable processes, and build stronger teams. We're passionate about helping our clients reach their vision, even when that path means making tough strategic decisions... > MORE

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