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The most effective strategies are derived from a deep understanding of the market and customer needs. Hollinden will help you develop your marketing plan and position you to take advantage of strategic opportunities. Hollinden is here to help implement your business strategy.

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Firms must invest more money in marketing.

More than 80% of firms allocate less than 5% of gross revenues to marketing with nearly 31% spending less than 1%.

Learn how Hollinden can help you plan and measure your marketing efforts.

Hollinden can help turn your website into a lead generation tool.




Hollinden will help you develop your marketing plan and position you to take advantage of strategic opportunities.

Learn about the elements of a marketing plan:

  1. MARKETING ASSESSMENT. All plans begin with an assessment. Hollinden will uncover your vision and goals. We will analyze the target market and give you an accurate depiction of your current situation. Our team will outline your competitive environment from a business, marketing, and digital perspective. Our assessment will help you understand your challenges and opportunities.

  2. CUSTOM METHODOLOGY. Hollinden understands that businesses are as unique as the people that drive them. After mapping your client’s needs, the Hollinden team will help you target the right audience based on fit, opportunity, market size, and benefits. Our methodology is focused on outlining marketing tactics that help you deliver value to your customers.

  3. STRATEGY. Our consulting process brings a unique approach to meeting your goals by outlining a customer focused strategy that will increase revenue and gain market share. Aligning your marketing with your business goals will allow you to acquire targeted customers that will be with your brand long-term.

  4. MEASUREMENT. Economic-based measurement is necessary for determining your return on investment. Our team will implement tools that deliver real-time reporting for your business strategy. Measurement and analysis is essential for market awareness and evolving your business strategy to fit customer needs.


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