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Marketing automation is the use of technology to generate, nurture, score, and qualify leads, as well as drive sales using customized, multi-touch marketing communications that are tailored for each contact’s profile, level of interest, behavior, or place in the buying process.

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Decrease the cost per Lead 

Marketing automation produces results, with as much as a 68% reduction in the cost per lead.

74% of companies see positive return on investment in less than 12 months.

Hollinden can help turn your website into a lead generation tool.



the gap

Is your sales process moving into the future?

Forrester Research notes that marketing automation systems were developed to “bridge a gap between lead generation activities (e.g., trade shows, direct mail, telemarketing, and email campaigns) and selling activities (e.g., closing the deal) that were managed by a customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Marketing automation creates a digital infrastructure that allows marketing and sales to learn about, understand, and interact with prospects throughout the entire lifecycle – from attraction to conversion to retention – in a well-timed, personalized way.

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