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Publishing content keeps visitors coming back for more. It sets you up as an expert in your field and will attract the right visitors to your site. Content includes blogs, videos, social media posts, articles, and eBooks. 

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Content marketing costs 62% less than outbound.

Content marketing also is more effective. Content marketing generates 3X the leads of traditional outbound marketing.

Content marketing is more efficient than outbound techniques. The cost is lower and the results are higher. What are you waiting for?

Hollinden can help turn your website into a lead generation tool.



is king

To fit the needs of your buyer, Hollinden will develop specific content for each stage of the Buyer's Journey.

  1. During the Awareness Stage, content is focused on solving problems, getting answers, and educating the buyers. Examples of content for the Awareness Stage are: Whitepapers, Ebooks, Tips, Checklists, and Educational Webinars.

  2. Content focused on the Consideration Stage is developed to help buyers find the best solution to solving their problem. This is the stage where you show that your solution is a good fit for their problem. Examples of Evaluation Stage Content are: Case Studies, Data Sheets, and Demonstration Videos. This content is developed to help a buyer determine if they are a good fit for your service.

  3. Making the decision. During the Decision Stage someone is ready to make the actual purchase. Examples of content for the Decision Stage are: Consultations, Quotes, and RFP Requests. During this stage a buyer is nudged into the process of making your purchase.

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